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The Contract

This contract is a personal arrangement made between Mistress and Slave, in order to reach a new and higher understanding of the relationship between a Mistress and a Slave, and to obtain a better understanding of values and meanings between them.

The Slave will perform all duties and requests in absolute silence unless given specific permission to speak. The Slave will learn to control himself in all circumstances, and to please the Mistress entirely.

For the first month nether the Mistress or the Slave will give knowledge of the program to a 3rd party, unless it is meant to help the program, this may only be done in these circumstances by the Mistress with or without the consent of the slave. Both parties must be honest at all times and keep each advised of any personal problems with the program, so that these may be amended.

If for any reason a medical problem does occur the program will be terminated with immediate effect, or if the Mistress is displeased with any aspect of the training of the Slave, then it will be terminated also, with immediate effect for the Mistress and Slave.

The initial period of training will be set at one month {to be agreed by both parties with an extension permitted only by the mistress of another two months if training of the slave does not meet her criteria}

After the first 1 month a appraisal will be made of the Slave and a report issued on the slave this will show both improvements made, and recommendations for the Slave's improvement, and further training requirements.

The Slave must learn how to make the Mistress's life easier and happier, this may be made through sexual pleasing for the Mistress, but also can be achieved through being more attentive also domestic chores, cleaning, cooking and washing etc.

The Slave must be locked into a chastity belt of any description i.e.; cb2000, neosteel, fetters, tube, or any of the ones the Mistress picks, these may also be changed by the Mistress, and at her discretion. The Slave must have all pubic hair removed, as this will assist in the application of any cb or any other equipment the Mistress decides must be worn. After the initial shaving, a waxing or use of creams will be applied to keep the slave in a state of hairlessness, this will be decided by the Mistress as to what and when the extra treatments occur. Before applying the chastity belt and locking it on,

the Slave will undergo, in addition to become hairless, a complete cleaning of the exterior of the body by means of baths administered by the Mistress, and a complete cleaning of the interior of the body by means of enemas, administered by the Mistress. Thereafter, the Slave will be cleaned externally and internally by the Mistress at her convience and discretion, but never less than once a week.

All payments for anything bought after the start of the contract i.e.; cb’s, other equipment and sundries will all be met by the Slave. There will be no release from any chastity belt for the first month unless:

For medical grounds

For any reason the Mistress dictates.

The mistress will be the only key holder for the first month, after that if the training is required to be continued then there may be a 3rd party involved in the training, to which he or she may also become a key holder, this matter will be decided by the mistress with or without the slaves consent.

Any tampering or un-official release from the cb will be punished by the Mistress at her decision. The Slave is not to question anything the Mistress requests from the Slave. A time will be set aside once a week for the Slave to give comments on the training. This will be decided by the Mistress, and only if the Slave has performed effectively.

There will be no penetrative sex or any sexual contact between the Slave and the Mistress within the first month of training. The exception to this will be when the Mistress requires gratification or requires the Slave to perform to any of her requirements.

At the end of every week of training the Mistress will “milk” the Slave of any seamen via the prostate gland or by other means. This will be the only occasions during the first month that the slave will be relived unless the Mistress desires otherwise.

The training of the Slave will also include getting into a better physical shape and a rigorous training program will be dictated by the Mistress This will include training processes, a twice weekly visit to the gym for exercise and weight training, and also a twice weekly visit to the swimming bath’s, this will also be dependant upon the wearing of a cb, certain ones may permit swimming trunks or shorts to be worn, better still use of a private gym and pool would be helpful. Any or all of these requirements may be substituted with alternate training methods, at the descretion of the Mistress.

Feeding of the Slave will be arranged by the Mistress and the diet and food will be decided upon to suit the needs of the Slave, and the requirements of the Mistress. Any food served may be served by any means and in any receptacle and must all be consumed.

To necessitate full control of the Slave certain things need to be enforced, these will include a diet program, an exercise program also things like toilet training and sensory training, feminisation, and strict bondage training will be enforced. The Mistress will start with toilet training. This will be enforced over the first month by firstly the use of a sheath within the cb. This will rob all sense of feeling from the penis, the use of an internal catheter might be required when and if further training is required, or as before, the Mistress decides that the training needs to be progressed The sheath for toilet training will be applied to the penis with the assistance of a secure fastening around the base of the penis, it will take the form of double sided surgical sticky tape, this will not be able to be tampered with due to the penis confinement inside the cb. The sheath may also be attached to a retaining receptacle, i.e. a urine collection bag or another form of drainage; this will remove the use of the toilet for urinating. The bag will be dealt with by the slave and will be emptied when the Mistress instructs it to be done.

Bowel movements are to be controlled absolutely. These can be controlled by the use of an anal plug and belt to secure this in place. The plug may be of the standard type but dependant upon the instruction of the mistress use of an inflatable type plug, or a new type which can be expanded and secured in place with a small lock may be used. This type may be used for punishment, as it cannot be removed and the use of a lock is another form of control that the Mistress will put upon the Slave. A soft plug may also be used, as this will be more user friendly if to be worn all day, but this to must be secured in place.

The Mistress will grant release for a bowel movement as she sees fit. This will also bring into line the control the Mistress has over the Slave, with the Slave knowing that she controls even his basic functions. The use of diapers may also be used to control the Slave which will rob him of all use of the toilet and solely depend upon the Mistress for changing and cleaning. These may be used on their own, i.e. without the use of a sheath and butt plug or in conjunction with both or any one of these items. The Mistress will have the use of enemas for cleansing of the inner Slave. These are to be controlled and administered by the Mistress and may take the form of punishment enemas, large volume enemas, and different solution enemas, all maybe administered at anytime of the day or night by the Mistress. Use of enemas may be given by using different nozzles, i.e. silver bullet, inflatable or any other sort the Mistress wants. The Mistress will direct retention and expelling.

Also colonic’s may be administered to the Slave by the Mistress, these also maybe administered at anytime to be decided by the Mistress.

The Mistress may secure the Slave by means of straps or restrictive restraints to any part of the Slave’s body as deemed fit. This is to reduce the movement of the Slave and to make sure that escape from situations will not be acceptable to the Mistress.

Use of the Slave for any medical experiments will only take place if the Mistress seems fit to allow it. The Slave may be required to undergo any physical internal / external examinations that the mistress requires the Slave to undergo, whether these will be carried out by the Mistress or a 3rd party. Regular hygiene checks will occur and baths and showers are to be administered by the Mistress unless other wise directed.

The Mistress will decide what clothes are to be worn and when. If clothing of male attire is to be worn then unisex incontinence panties are to be worn with a pad inserted, this will stop any drips and also soak up any pre-seminal fluid that may leak from the penis.

The Mistress must agree the rest of the male clothing and be neat and tidy and close fitting in appearance. If female clothes are to be worn by the slave then the Mistress will decide what is to be worn. This will be all-inclusive from underwear through to all outer clothing if required. For the first month of training a pad must be worn inside any panties, this is to stop any soiling of the panties, as all underwear worn will for the first month be that of the Mistress’s. Bras may be filled with false breasts or no breasts at all.

Only pantyhose will be worn and no stocking are allowed for the first month. Also plain underwear is required to be worn for the first month, i.e. full hip/thigh panties and ordinary plain white sports bra’s etc. This will reduce the excitement of the slave at wearing exotic female underwear.

Mistress will take regular photographs and digital images or videoing of the Slave if required. This may be used as a training film or to show 3rd parties of the correct procedures to be carried out in training a Slave. The Slave will have no say in what is contained within these films/ pictures. Any damage to any of the Mistress clothes will be punished and the items replaced at double the cost,

The Mistress will have full access to any equipment she deems useful to further the training of the Slave. Any item that strikes the Mistress's fancy will be suitable. These may include:

Any size or type of strap-on dildo.

Any size and type of bondage equipment, spreader bars restraints, harnesses, and gags.

Any type of rubber clothing for training purposes, these may include: Rubber pants with inbuilt sheaths, and in built butt plugs, and or both, these could be used in conjunction with toilet training.

Straight jackets, and arm sleeves, and pony harnesses.

Hoods, and mittens.

All this equipment may be used on the Slave at any time decided by the Mistress and for any length of time depending upon reason, also as a punishment. "Any time. Any place, any equipment" shall be the rule.

This is a start to the training of a Slave by a Mistress and must be agreed by both parties. The Mistress has the overall right to alter any of the matters included within this contract at her discretion and with prior notice to the Slave, but the Slave has no right to any alterations to be made to this contract once agreed.



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